Latest Trends In The Hair Industry For Women Over 60

There is one striking trend that can be traced back to the beginning of the 2010s in terms of the way women of age look nowadays and it is the acceptance of aging as a beautiful and natural process. More and more women worldwide stop interfering with their faces and bodies in surgery way as this is no longer a beauty standard. Go here in order to find more information on this topic. There is, in other words, no longer a beauty standard as it all is about self-expression now. Especially, when it comes to hairstyles.

Embracing Age And Natural Beauty Through Hairstyles

Today it is cool to stay who you are and embrace it. For slightly older women it often means allowing the hair to turn gray naturally and enjoy it. This also translates into the fashion trends as many women all over the world now deem themselves to be beauty etalons and do not let magazines dictate what to do. If you are happily joining this cohort of happy and empowered women over 60 years old and want to change your hairstyle, stay tuned!

For this article we have gathered a few most trending and stylish haircuts manifesting natural beauty and self-acceptance in older age:

  • Wavy short bob: if your hair is naturally a bit wavy but not to the extent to call it curly, you want to help it get the utmost of its natural ability to curl and make a shorter haircut. By alleviating the heaviness of the locks, short haircuts make your hair curlier and thus more playful;
  • Ultrashort gray cut: if you have always been a proud owner of long and shiny locks, going ultra short later in life could make all the difference in self-perception and attitude. Thus, your hair becomes easier to style and take care of by also preserving its natural hair color and texture;
  • Sleek long shiny gray: the direct opposite of what we have suggested above. Embracing the length as well as the natural color can make you stand out and feel more empowered.
Pixie Short Haircuts for Older Women Over 50 & Trend 2017 & 2018 Spring Summer Short Haircut Ideas

All in all, age is only another factor you take into consideration when choosing some of the appearance aspects. It may be more fun now when you become older to continue expressing oneself through in a bit different and more elegant way. Therefore, our principle suggestion for hairstyle choices is to be playful, open to experiments and ready to impress.