Elegant Box Braids With Shaved Sides Hairstyles

We live in the time of endless experiment. The more people experiment the more creative ideas they produce. That is why people develop new looks and hairstyles.

Females like to match clothing and hairstyles. They prefer to choose such designs that will look differently. The more impressive design is, the better it is for a lady.

Hair Designs To Get

The more brave a lady is, the more extravagant hair design she will choose. When you  decide for hairdo, it is good to think about many factors. You should think what feeling should a hairdo bring. This should be a feeling of being fashionable or a feeling of comfort. If you understand it rightly, you’ll get the best hair pattern for you.

There appeased lately many fascinating hairstyles. They look impressive. It is achieved mainly by combination of different elements. Ladies today often combine strands of different length or experiment with shapes and colors.

There are no strict rules of how a hairdo should look like. It leaves a room for imagination. If you belong to fashionable females you should try one of box braids with shaved sides hairstyles:

  • Braids gathered.  If you have braids you can always experiment with the way to style them. One of the most creative ideas is to put them in a bun. It is a simple but stylish way to wear them. Such elements will perfectly contrast with shaved sides. If you wear such hairdo, it is quite a fine idea to get nice jewelry. It helps to get a polished image.
  • Plaits embellished. Wearing plaits is great. However, they look even more beautiful, if you embellish them. You can wear strips. Decorate your braids the way you like, and you will get a look you adore. You can also experiment with a thickness of plaits. You can intertwine tiny ones with bigger. It will modify the way you look.
  • Shaved sides in color. Coloring can be a distinctive feature of a hairstyle. You can leave a natural color on the top of a head. You can color sides in bright tone. It can be violet, red or orange. Romantic girls can go for pink tone.

These are great hair designs. There is always a chance to find a strands patterns you’ll like. You only need to follow trends.

Clothes To Match Modern Hair Design

As far as you decide to wear creative hairdos, you have to take care of impressive clothing. It is important you choose clothing that reflects your individuality. Shaved sides with plaits look nicely with jeans and a sweater. You can also wear it with a dress in summer.

Such a hairdo can be worn for work. You only need to fix braids. You can use strips. This way a hairdo will look accurately.

A female who wears an extravagant hair design can wear it with an evening gown. So, you can get an evening suit or a long dress. It is quite a trend today.