Create An Eye-Catching Image With The Help Of A Makeup

If you have fair skin and blue eyes, then it’s definitely worth paying great attention to eye makeup. It doesn’t have to be too vibrant – girls with blue eyes may give preference to pearl or light matte eyeshadows, while mascara shouldn’t be too dark – choose brown or grey one in order makeup to look beneficial.

Blue Eyes And Makeup

As mentioned above, eye makeup for blue eyes and fair skin has to be done using matte, light eyeshadows as well as it’s worth paying great attention to selecting the suitable foundation, blush and lipstick.

Pros of blue eyes:

  • look perfectly with pastel, light and nude eyeshadow;
  • can be easily emphasized with eyeliner;
  • look incredible with grey and brown mascara;
  • may sometimes seem green, deep blue or grey.

Nevertheless, there are also some nuances it’s worth taking into account when doing eye makeup for blue eyes:

  • light eyes can sometimes make the face look pale;
  • red eyeshadow makes eyes look really unhealthy;
  • don’t match with too vivid eye makeup.

Black or navy blue mascara will help you create a more eye-catching look excellent for formal events – blue eyes with dark mascara will look even deeper and more saturated in combination with dark eyeliner and not too vibrant red lipstick or pink lip gloss.

Eye makeup for blue eyes and fair skin has to be chosen carefully. Black smokey eyes rarely match with light blue eyes, while brown, gold or beige one make blue eyes look much deeper and emphasize their beauty.  

Eye Makeup And Seasonal Color Analysis

Seasonal color analysis will help you easily select the most suitable eye makeup and look brilliant no matter what:

  •  Spring

Warm skin undertone, peachy cheeks, light blonde to medium brown hair color, blue, hazel or green eyes – these are the basic characteristics of spring season. Eye makeup has to be done in warm shades and look airy; it may be done with the help of gold or pastel green eyeshadow.

  • Summer

Girls of this type are known for cool skin undertone, rosy cheeks, gray-blue or light blue eyes. Deep pink, pastel green, nude, pastel purple, navy blue eyeshadows are just perfect for summer ladies. Colorful mascara and dark blue eye pencil will also make summer girls look fantastic.

  • Autumn

Golden skin undertone, low contrast between skin and hair, black or medium brown hair color, olive, deep blue or hazel eye color are the autumn season characteristics. Autumn ladies have to give preference to warm brown, green, yellow, burgundy or olive eyeshadows in order to create an eye-catching look.

  • Winter

Cool skin undertone, dark brown to black hair, clear blue eyes – a few basic characteristics of winter season. Applying makeup, winder girls has to choose dark black mascara and purple, pastel pink, pastel blue or grey eyeshadows.