How to Pick a Green Bomber Jacket Outfit for Autumn

A green bomber jacket seems to be an essential piece in the wardrobe of every celebrity and fashion blogger. Olivia Palermo, Bella Hadid, Kate Moss, Emma Roberts, and Heidi Klum have different style and fashion preferences. But all of them have a green bomber jacket, which they have already worn a lot in public. So, how do these women manage to wear a bomber jacket in very different interpretations while looking stylish all the time?

A bomber jacket is that type of clothes, which doesn’t require a lot of time and efforts to put up an outfit with. You can take a white tee, a pair of skinny jeans, throw on a green bomber, and voila! There’s your outfit. But this is the way most people wear a bomber jacket on a daily basis. Instead of it, we recommend looking into something more interesting. Find your individual way of picking the outfit with a green bomber jacket as a centerpiece. Don’t know how to do this?

Let’s have a look.

4 Ways of Styling a Bomber Jacket

Bomber jackets are of different styles and shapes. They are cropped, oversized, quarter sleeve, plain green, decorated, embroidered, and so on. For the next four looks, we’re going to pick a plain green jacket as a base.


– Why do so many women consider a bomber jacket to be something that can be worn with blue jeans only? For the first look pick a dark blue skater skirt, a striped long sleeve top, and a pair of black low heeled ankle boots with jewel details or pearls. Throw on a jacket and finish the outfit with dark sunglasses.

– The next look is inspired by Gigi Hadid and the way she wears a bomber jacket in NYC. Get a pair of sweatpants and black athletic shoes (Adidas, Converse, etc.). Get on a jacket and a dark blue T-shirt with a round neck. Complement the look with dark sunglasses and a messy bun or a ponytail. If you want to look even trendier, add a small clutch bag.

– For the third look, get dark skinny jeans and a light grey button-down shirt. Get a green bomber and a pair of dark olive high heel boots for shoes. A black tote goes better than any other bag with this particular look.

– For the next outfit, pick a black gown. Add a khaki bomber jacket and delicate jewelry pieces and a dark lipstick with a low ponytail.



This jacket is a piece of wardrobe that can be easily dressed up or dressed down depending on how you complete the look. Just try what you like most.